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XELLOS 1.0 - Where things get itchy and uncomfortable...
A website with an intensely superior view on the sincerely delicious animated series, The Slayers.

Shucks howdy.

Introducing, Xellos, your host of sorts! Take it away, Padre.
Xellos: Hello! Zelas had 'Make a pointless website' scribbled in on the dry-erase board on the fridge, so I got right on it. I also have to pick up a dozen eggs, and the milk. Oy, oy.
Oh, my, the content! My apologies...
The merry band of adventurers that make up those wacky Slayers. Contrary to popular belief, Lina may be lethally lovely, but Gourry is not gallantly vain. I'm not so sure he even knows how to work a mirror. ^^
Synopses of episodes, composed by your truly. And gosh, I believe I'm somewhat biased! Bad Xellos! That's it, I'm depriving myself of human suffering for a week!
Questions? Comments? Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan fiction? Send it here. I'll do my best to make wors- er... remedy any plights you might have. Flames are not only acceptable, but are encouraged! Honestly! Even if you thoroughly agree with my every word, get worked up over something and send me a flame. Much appreciated.
Oh... OH... you're leaving?
Junk that doesn't fit anywhere else. Doesn't interest me. Maybe you'll get a kick outta it. Simple pleasures for simple minds. Ah, you humans are so cute.

1/14/03 Jill Valentine: Master Of Unlocking
All apologies, but this isn't actually an update. But an odd sort of guilt overwhelms me if I don't make with the consistent.. erm... change. Anyway, I'm still alive. I'll have a full-blown update by Friday, but don't set your clocks to it.

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Most of the writing here is mine. And some of the doctored images. And this comfortable chair. And this santa mug. And this sad clown wall relief. MINE.
Other than that, Slayers and everything related belongs to the people who own it. Yeah. That's redundant.